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Las Vegas, NV Bylaws Approved April 14, 2018 (Click for PDF)


APA Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

League Operator: Marvin Rethman & Ursula Rethman

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: (702) 684-POOL (7665)



(Revised: March 11, 2018) 

1.         LOCAL BYLAWS:  League play will be conducted in accordance with the Official Team Manual of the APA and local bylaws.  Local Bylaws add to and in some cases modify, the APA Official Team Manual.  The League Office will insert a copy of these Bylaws in every team envelope when the Bylaws are revised and in the team captain packet of each new team that joins.  


(a)        Upholding the APA League Rules and Local Bylaws.

(b)        The conduct of their team members and associates during league play.

(c)        Completing and signing score sheets (score sheets must be signed by both captains).

(d)       Making sure that all fees, individual or team, are paid in full.

(e)        Making sure that each member of their team has completed a membership form and paid their membership fees.

(f)        Distributing all information included on and/or the weekly newsletter concerning the APA League and its activities. Captains keep your team members informed!

3.         NEW TEAMS:  New Teams may be added during the first 2 weeks of a session if they fill a bye. Any original team playing against the new team (instead of their originally scheduled bye) will receive either their normal bye points or their actual score, whichever is greater.

4.         START TIME:  Monday-Friday the official start time is 7:00pm.  The Masters Division official start time is 11:00 am. Doubles is 5:00 pm.

5.         CONTINUOUS PLAY:  Once the first match has begun, play must be continuous thereafter, with no delay (no more than 2 minutes) between matches.   Special consideration is made for dual divisions in which play will be considered to be continuous if a single player is playing both 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches at the same time or if a player shooting a match on one table provides coaching assistance to a player shooting a match on another table.

6.         SLOW PLAY:  Player selection for the next individual match should not exceed two minutes.  Play is to be continuous, without interruption.  DO NOT:  order food, use a cell phone, get involved in a conversation, or let anything distract, disrupt, or interfere with your match (Except for an emergency or using the restroom).  Excessive slow play may result in a sportsmanship violation.

7.         TIME-OUTS / COACHING:  Any member of the shooting team, including the player who is currently shooting, may call for a time out.  If the coach or any other player asks the shooter if they want a time out, it will be considered that a time out has been called.  The coach may consult with the other members of the team, however the consultation must be held away from the shooting player.  Time outs will not exceed one minute.

8.         CUE BALL:  The cue ball to be used during a match will be the one provided by the Host Location.  If a team or player wishes to use a different cue ball, it must be mutually agreed upon by both captains.   

9.         FEES:  Weekly team fees, dues or fees for tournaments may be paid on line, in cash or by check/money order. Personal checks, made out to “APA Las Vegas “, will be accepted as payment at the discretion of the League Operator. Returned checks for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25 fee. Weekly team fees are: Doubles-$20, Masters-$30, 8-ball or 9-ball-$50. No coins will be accepted for the payment of any fees or dues.

10.       FIRST WEEK OF PLAY: A packet including the first week’s score sheets, self-addressed business envelopes, schedules and member applications will be left at your first week’s match location.

11.       SCORESHEETS:  All completed score-sheets, signed by both captains, are to be put in each team self-addressed envelope and dropped at any of the assigned drop-off locations, or mailed, within the assigned time limits. Current drop locations are Putter’s (Trop/Eastern), The Gin Mill and Aces & Ales.

            Day of Play                                                                 Due Day & Time (Dropped or Post Marked)

            Monday                                                                       Wednesday 6:00 pm

            Tuesday                                                                       Thursday 6:00 pm

            Wed/Thurs                                                                  Friday 6:00 pm

            Friday                                                                          Saturday 6:00 pm

12.       LATE PENALTIES:  Any team that falls behind in the payment of their weekly team fees is subject to disciplinary action by the League Operator.  If weekly team fees remain unpaid after two weeks, the team captain may be ineligible to play.  If any weekly team fees remain unpaid after three weeks, the team may be dropped from the League for non-payment.  Any team that is not current in the payment of their weekly team fees will not be eligible to participate in division Playoffs, Tri-Annual’s or  World Qualifiers.

13.       BONUS POINTS:  Bonus points will be given to those teams that fill out their score sheet completely and correctly. They must be on time, printed and include both sides of the 9-Ball score sheet.  Full weekly team fees are required.  Two bonus points are earned for 8-Ball and 10 bonus points are earned for 9-Ball. 1 bonus point for 8-Ball doubles & 5 bonus points for 9-Ball doubles will be available. Bonus points will not be adjusted past 8 days of that week’s play.

14.       ILLEGAL PLAYER:  Any team that uses an illegal player during any match will forfeit all team match points and will be subject to disciplinary action by the League Operator or the Board of Governors.  An illegal player is a non-active APA member, a non-member or a player using a falsified identity. 

15.       SAFE PLAYING DISTANCE:  Team captains shall make sure that all people (APA members or non-members) maintain a safe playing distance from the table being used for match play so the shooting players are not interrupted, interfered with, or distracted while playing their match.  The only exception to this rule is for coaching.

16.       PRACTICE TABLES:  Practice tables are to be used and shared equally between both teams.  If more than one practice table is available, one is to be designated for the use of each team.

17.       ELECTRONIC DEVICES:  No electronic devices are to be worn in league or tournament play.  Examples include:  iPod, phone, Bluetooth, headphones etc.  The only exception is hearing aids.

18.       OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK:  No outside food or beverages are to be brought into any host location without the explicit authorization of the host location.

19.       BREAKING DOWN YOUR CUE STICK: Any player who breaks down their stick in view of their opponent will be asked if they are conceding the match, and if so an 8-Ball match will reflect a 3-0 score and a 9-Ball match will be scored 20-0.

            The intent of this rule to prevent a non-shooter from attempting to intimidate or distract the shooting player (sharking). Breaking down your cue before the completion of a match is considered to be a display of poor sportsmanship.

20.       PAYOUTS:  Following the division Playoffs, first and two second place teams will compete in the Tri-Annual Tournament for cash payouts.  In order to qualify for a cash payout at the Tri-Annual Tournament a team must play a minimum of 3 matches, in their format, the first round of Tri’s (unless a bye). To qualify for div. trophies/polos a player must have played a minimum of 5 matches during the reg. session.

21.       World Qualifier:  At least 4 players of a City qualified team must play in the Summer Session.

22.       APA WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHPS COMPENSATION: Qualifying Teams (8-Ball Open, and 9-Ball Open) each will be given $300 and their $250 entry fee paid for.     

23.       SPORTSMANSHIP:  Participating in the APA is supposed to be fun.  Cheering for your team members is recommended and encouraged.  However, heckling, jeering, interrupting, distracting, cussing at, or screaming at your opponent (to deliberately cause a disruption), opposing team members, Division Reps, the League Operator or any APA official is a show of poor sportsmanship and will NOT be tolerated.  Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship will be subject to a sportsmanship violation, which may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the League.

24.       SPORTSMANSHIP VIOLATIONS:  If you have a situation of poor sportsmanship, you must notify your Division Rep and turn in a written statement to the League Office within 24 hours of the incident.  Please be fair in your assessment of the situation, include the details, actions and names of all parties involved.  If possible, get written statements from any witnesses to the incident.  (It is preferable that the statement be placed in the team envelope and turned in the night of the incident.  The League Operator and/or the Board of Governors will review the situation and advise you as to the final decision.

25.       DOUBLE JEPORDY: A coin flip for each separate format, will determine which team is to put up first.

26.       SURVIVOR RULE will be in effect only during the first four (4) weeks of the session

(a)        The survivor rule allows a team, with 3 or 4 players, to have the option to play a player(s) twice during the same match.

(b)        The team playing short must declare the use of the survivor rule before the start of the match and is obligated to the rule even if a fourth or fifth player walks in before the end of the night’s match(es).

(c)        The 23-Rule is still in effect and the opposing team will choose the opposing player(s) to play twice.


27.       MASTERS DIVISION:  Each team will be allowed only one (1) match re-schedule during the session. Both teams must agree to the re-schedule.

28.       MASTERS FORFEITS: Any and all un-played matches have 1 week to be played or are forfeited. The Survivor Rule will only be in effect through the second week of play.

29.       MASTERS Playoffs will follow the Official Team Manual format.

30.       MASTERS NATIONAL SLOT: To be eligible the team(s) must play at least 2 sessions in the pool year, one being Spring.

31.       DIVISION MVP: To be eligible for Division MVP you must play a minimum of 8 matches.

32.       MAKE-UP MATCHES: No make-up matches will be allowed during the last two (2) weeks of a session.


(a)        A player must stay on the roster and have played a minimum of 5 matches of the format during the current session (4 for the Masters and Doubles). 

(b)        World Qualifiers requires 5 matches played in the Spring Session with 10 total matches played in the format lifetime.


34.       PLAYOFFS: Playoffs will be one (1) week unless otherwise noted. Teams ending the session in first place will advance to Tri’s & World Qualifiers and not participate in Playoffs unless noted. Second place teams will play the wild card team. Third place will play the fourth place team. Winners advance to Tri’s and both are considered second place teams. Divisions with five (5) teams will advance the first place team, as above. Second place teams will play the wild card team. In four (4) team divisions first place will receive a 1st week bye. Second place will play the wild card. The winner will play the 1st place team with the winner going to Cities. Both teams go to Tri’s.

35.       DOUBLES ROSTERS: Doubles rosters may consist of up to 3 players. The players who play the 2 singles matches must also play the doubles match for the week and vice versa. Teams must begin, and maintain through week 4 division play a skill level of 10 or less with any combination of players on their roster.  Week 5 and after will allow a maximum total of 11 without replacing player(s) to bring the teams skill level back to a maximum of 10 or less.

36.       8-BALL FORFEITS: A full match (5 games) of 8-Ball will be 10 points to the opposing team.